2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 35th Anniversary Edition at Lightning Lap 2019

Essentially a GTI with a trunk, the Jetta GLI shares plenty of the identical hardware with that wonderful hatch, which includes a 228-hp rapid 4, an electronically controlled restrained-slip differential, and 13.4-inch the front brake rotors. Combined with the tires, those binders allow the GLI to head deeper into each braking zone than the Golf R. The trick differential keeps torque in which it’s wanted, and the grip-tastic tires allow you to go to the accelerator earlier and more difficult.

Unfortunately, balance control cannot be absolutely disabled. If the slightest float is detected, the GLI shuts down the celebration. So the trick to a quick time is smoothness and using the threshold of stability-manipulate intervention. Get it right and the GLI beats no longer best the GTI but the Golf R, and that is really worth citing around the antique watercooler.

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