Honda City, Civic and Accord with swanky new personalities

What do you do whilst your vehicle has lived an sufficient wide variety of years in your ownership transporting you from region to location and now you’ve got loose time and a few cash to spare. You may want to promote it and buy a new one or you could supply it a personal touch by editing it. And because it turns out Honda City, Civic and Accord customers in India love this kind of stuff

So, we went at the Internet to find some changed Honda cars that could provide you with a few idea or save you from creating a mistakeBody kits can absolutely rework the look of a vehicle while not having to do a whole lot of customisation. Chennai-based Modsters Automotive specialise in frame kits for the Honda City and that they say that this one is inspired by Transformers’ Bumblebee. We do not see the similarity among the 2 as such but it would not look horrific.
‘My eeeeyes!!’ Did you react like that? No? You will while you consciousness at the the front grille which has no longer one but prancing horses and then at the in the Teal colour treatment continues after which it has a cobra’s head for gearshift knob after which it has neon lighting fixtures below it. Apparently, it is supposed to appear like a Mustang Shelby.

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