Instead of crushing them, Mexico auctions luxury cars to help the poor

The Mexican government is auctioning seventy seven automobiles—which include a Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsches, Corvettes and Mercedes-Benz—as part of a ‘Robin Hood’ attempt to successfully go back the proceeds of crime to the united states of america’s poorest humans.

Reuters reports that is the primary of 3 sales with a view to be held through the newly created Institute to Return Stolen Goods to the People. The proceeds will visit two municipalities inside the southern country of Oaxaca that the united states of america’s President—Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador—says are among Mexico’s poorest.

The second sale deals with property and could benefit teenagers drug rehabilitation programs, even as the third issues rings, and could help groups dwelling within the mountains of Guerrero country. The seized motors, homes and jewellery have been seized from prepared criminals or even a former baby-kisser.

In all, the 77 vehicles are set to fetch round $1.5million (P78 million) on the public sale, with a view to take area this Sunday. So paddles at the prepared, for there will be deals about…

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