Maruti Suzuki To Harness Solar Power For Manufacturing Cars

Maruti Suzuki The photovoltaic solar panels of this carport style solar energy plant will paintings as a roof at the new car parking region. While the sun panels generate easy electricity, the automobiles parked below can be safe from the sun.

Announced that it will harness sun electricity to meet its power needs. The agency recently laid the inspiration stone for a 5 MW Solar Power plant on the Gurugram facility. The sun power plant is anticipated to be commissioned in FY 2019-20. The power generated from the sun energy plant may be synchronised with the captive electricity plant to cater to the internal power wishes just like the manufacturing facilities or even the places of work on the Gurugram plant.

The Company will invest round ₹ 240 Million, and could offset CO2 emissions to the song of over 5390 tonnes annually, for the subsequent 25 years. This is the second grid based Solar Power plant for Maruti Suzuki. The 1st Solar Power plant become set up in 2014 at Manesar, with a capability of one MW, which in 2018, turned into further improved to one.Three MW.He annual output of this sun strength plant could be 7010 MWH

Kenichi Ayukawa, MD & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, stated, “Solar energy is considerable, versatile and green. This Solar Power initiative is in line with the Company’s philosophy to undertake surroundings pleasant technologies and lower CO2 emissions. Through this solar energy plant facility we will harness renewable power for our commercial enterprise desires over subsequent 25 years. Maruti Suzuki is dedicated to enlarge its surroundings care initiatives in merchandise, in production techniques and in commercial enterprise operational,

The organisation depends on purifier and renewable assets of energy which shape ninety five according to cent of its overall power use. The electricity requirement at the manufacturing facilities is met with the aid of Natural Gas-based captive electricity plant, supported with the aid of grid electricity. The new sun electricity plant will complement the electricity producing functionality at the producing plant

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