Mexican government auctioning off 82 seized luxury cars to help the poor

In an attempt to return what has been stolen from struggling Mexican communities, the government has decided to public sale off the 82 luxurious automobiles that were seized from criminals.

While it is a splendid concept, the call of the program would not exactly roll off the tongue: ‘Institute to Return What Has Been Robbed to the People.’

Included inside the auction that is scheduled for Sunday is various vehicles from supercars to armoured trucks. Though it’s far quite a numerous set of vehicles, a large rate tag is one aspect that they have got all got in common.

One first generation Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, three Porsches, a few Corvettes, and three Porsches are the main drawcards of the public sale. If you’re extra of a protection-oriented man or woman than a velocity person, some of armoured motors will also be present.

“Everything that is seized will now receive to groups, specially the usa’s negative groups,” President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador stated.They were robbing from the bad and giving it to the corrupt. Not anymore. Now commands are to offer returned to the humans, the legitimate owners of these assets,” delivered Ricardo Rodriguez, the man website hosting the auction.

The public sale is expected to raise over US$1.Five million for those suffering groups.

Alongside this occasion, the equal institute is auctioning off three houses worth a total of $7 million with all finances raised going closer to a kids drug rehabilitation program.

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