Toyota Hilux GR still on backburner as sport ute category grows

Toyota Australia is brooding about how it would tweak the Toyota Hilux own family to preserve its extremely popular ute at the pinnacle of sales charts – and it’s not ruling out a performance model to do warfare with the Ford Ranger Raptor, HSV Colorado SportsCat and Nissan’s incoming Navara Warrior.

“We don’t have company plans outdoor of the lineup we have presently, that’s doing pretty properly in its personal right, but genuinely we’re watching that market very carefully and it’s transferring fast, and it’s extremely-aggressive and products are coming apparently by using the month in the intervening time,” said Toyota Australia income and advertising director Sean Hanley.

The company turned into retaining a near eye on its key opponents, and whilst performance-orientated utes aren’t always some thing that could at ease a full-size enhance to market percentage, the halo impact such a car – which we’d count on to wear the name “Hilux GR” to observe in the footsteps of the Toyota Supra GR – generates for the rest of the range would be hard to disregard.

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